Under the Care 2014, local authorities must carry out an assessment of anyone who appears to require care and support, regardless of their financial position. The council has a statutory duty to ensure everyone regardless of status receives information and advice about services that will prevent, reduce, or delay an eligible need arising.

Only after an eligibility determination will the council need to establish if you will be a self-funder or will receive support from the council. Wiltshire Council will ensure everyone, regardless of financial status receives information and advice about services that will support an individual to prevent, reduce or delay an eligible need arising. Some services are means tested so a financial assessment will be needed to determine if you have over £23,250 in savings and are assessed as being able to pay. For those services such as domiciliary care, self-funders are then expected to pay for these themselves. Self-funders with eligible needs can ask the council to arrange care at home services on their behalf, the council will charge for this service. Self-funders can find the information they need on the Your Care Your Support information website: www.yourcareyoursupportwiltshire.org.uk    You can search the site for self-funders to find out lots of information on paying for care, how to request an assessment and more useful information.

To contact Wiltshire Council phone 0300 4560111 weekdays, or the out of hours duty team 0845 6070888