ListenUp Wiltshire

ListenUp Wiltshire is a campaign with a heart to educate our communities about how they can become more accessible and inclusive. It is a positive campaign that amplifies the voices of disabled people and supports actions that bring about change in the community.

We support and facilitate individuals and groups to raise awareness of anything that affects them and their community. It could be to celebrate something great in the community or to bring about positive changes that will                                                      benefit the community.

It all starts with one simple question: what would you tell Wiltshire?


Current Campaigns

Here are a few examples of some of the campaigns we are currently working on: 

      If there is something you would like to tell Wiltshire then get in touch!


ListenUp Wiltshire Magazine

The ListenUp Wiltshire Magazine is FREE magazine written by disabled people, all about disability! 

You can read the magazine on line here: Listen Up Wilts Magazine – Summer 2022 

If you are a disabled person and would like to contribute to future editions (photos, artwork, interviews, poetry, written articles) then please get in touch and email

Our latest Listen Up Wiltshire magazine is due out soon. To receive this and other updates, you can now join our mailing list! ListenUp Mailing List