Direct Payments & Personal Budgets 

Wiltshire CIL will navigate you through receiving a direct payment presenting an information video and additional resources at each stage of the Direct Payment Road Map. Use the menu list on the right hand side to navigate between the different stages of the road map.

Direct Payments Explained 

A Personal Budget is the way in which a person can receive their care from Social Services.  They can choose whether to allow Social Services to arrange their care for them or to arrange it themselves.  A Personal Budget allows the person to have more choice and control over how their care is delivered, who provides the care and when it is provided. This can help people to live independently in their own home within the community.  A personal budget can be paid through a direct payment.

A Direct Payment is a cash payment given to someone who has been assessed as needing help from Social Services and wishes to arrange and pay for their own care and support services instead of receiving them direct from the Council.  This could be by employing a personal assistant or by engaging an agency of choice.

The following video provides an introduction to direct payments:

You can download a PDF version of the video here:                                                    Direct Payments Uncovered PART 1: Direct Payments Explained

Direct Payment Resources:

Introduction to Direct Payments Leaflet

Who can have a Direct Payment?

How can a Direct Payment be used?

Direct Payment Guidance document (Wiltshire Council)

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