FAQs – Self Funders

What help can I get from Wiltshire Council?
Under the Care 2014, local authorities must carry out an assessment of anyone who appears to require care and support, regardless of their financial position. The council has a statutory duty to ensure everyone regardless of status receives information and advice about services that will prevent, reduce, or delay an eligible need arising. Only after an eligibility determination will the council need to establish if you will be a self-funder or will receive support from the council. Wiltshire Council will ensure everyone, regardless of financial status receives information and advice about services that will support an individual to prevent, reduce or delay an eligible need arising. Some services are means tested so a financial assessment will be needed to determine if you have over £23,250 in savings and are assessed as being able to pay. For those services such as domiciliary care, self-funders are then expected to pay for these themselves. Self-funders with eligible needs can ask the council to arrange care at home services on their behalf, the council will charge for this service. Self-funders can find the information they need on the Your Care Your Support information website: www.yourcareyoursupportwiltshire.org.uk    You can search the site for self-funders to find out lots of information on paying for care, how to request an assessment and more useful information. To contact Wiltshire Council phone 0300 4560111 weekdays, or the out of hours duty team 0845 6070888
If I have a non-emergency accident at home and no-one to support me, can I get help without calling the emergency services?
  • Ring Wiltshire Council Helpline on 0300 4560111, or 0845 6070888 out of hours.
  • Alternatively, there is the Telecare and Response Service. Assistive technology, known as ‘Telecare’, provides a very simple way of giving people the confidence and reassurance of knowing that support is available at the push of a button and allows a call monitoring centre to keep in touch with the person at home in the event of something happening. It can also be used to monitor and make sure people are safe and well at home. It uses sensors to check people have not had a fall or gone out of the house at night and raises an alert if they have. People can also choose to pay to have access to the Response Service that will mean a trained carer can come out to the home 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to cover an emergency situation. For more information contact:  Medvivo  Tel: 03000 111 247 email: telecare@medvivo.com  website: www.medvivo.com
How can I get help with equipment to assist me at home?
  • See: What help can I get from Wiltshire Council?
  • Many people find that using the right equipment makes living at home much simpler. All community equipment is free of charge to people who have had an assessment by the Council and have eligible needs.  For those that don’t, they can talk to a trained assessor from Medequip to help them establish what equipment can help them. It is important that equipment is properly installed, Medequip are able to deliver, install and remove equipment. Medequip have an online retail store of equipment available to purchase called ‘Manage @ Home’ these include mobility and disability aids to help every day. Website: www.manageathome.co.uk  Tel: 01249 815052.  
  • The ILC (Independent Living Centre) in Semington, also offer free expert advice and information and have an extensive range of equipment including assistive technology to demonstrate on site and for people to try. They have an Occupational Therapist at the centre but ask that people book an appointment in advance. Tel:  01380 871007  Website www.ilc.org.uk 
  • The NHS has some useful information on their website.
How do I employ staff directly to work in my home?
You can employ your own Personal Assistant/Carer to carry out any support needs for as many or as little hours as necessary to support you in your own home. If you employ directly in this way you will need to ensure you comply with employment legislation by providing employees with a full PAYE payroll service, have full Employers Liability Insurance cover and register with the Inland Revenue as an employer. Wiltshire CIL can support you with all aspects to manage this. There is a charge for this service. Employers Liability Insurance There are companies, such as FISH Insurance (Tel: 0344 8922 480), Mark Bates Ltd (Tel: 01476 514478), who can offer insurance policies specifically designed for people who employ their own personal care assistant to support them in the home or while they are out and about. Wiltshire CIL can support with advertising and recruiting staff.  Self-funders can use the payroll service provider by Wiltshire CIL and other providers e.g. through Independent Numbers Ltd.  There is a charge for this service which is available upon asking. Tel: 01249 445264    email: office@independentnumbers.co.uk
Where can I get advice to plan my support?
Planning the support you need when you haven’t been used to doing it can be hard at first especially trying to navigate the social care system. Contact the Wiltshire Council Adult Social Care Advice & Contact helpline on 0300 456 0111
How can I find a Care Agency?
All domiciliary agencies providing help at home must register with the Care Quality Commission and a list is available from them www.cqc.org.uk or from Care Choices www.carechoices.co.uk. Agencies vary in size, quality, and price!  Think about what is important to you and how you wish to be supported before you talk to an agency, so you can choose one that is best able to help you.
How can I find out what residential and nursing homes are available near me?
Moving into a residential or nursing home is a big decision. There is a range of support that can be offered to help people to continue to live in their own homes which you can explore. If support is no longer appropriate to help you continue living at home, you should contact the Council. They will be able to advise you on what type of support you may need and can carry out an assessment that could help you make an informed choice about any future support.   All care homes must register with the Care Quality Commission.  A list is available from their website: www.cqc.org.uk or from Wiltshire Council on 0300 456 0111.
Where can I find someone to visit my elderly parent/relative who gets lonely at home?
Age UK Wiltshire  Contact them through the information and advice service on 01380 727767 (Devizes) or 01722 335425 (Salisbury) email: enquiries@ageukwiltshire.org.uk  Website:  www.ageuk.org.uk/wiltshire  There are local groups who welcome new members to join, depending on your interests, such as, reading or walking groups. You can go to Wiltshire Council’s website called Your Care, Your Support to find out groups that are available in your area. The Parish Council notice board and the local village or Church magazines are helpful. The Silver Line is a free confidential helpline providing information, friendship, and advice to older people across the UK.  They are open 24 hours a day, every day of the year.  They can also link callers to local groups and services and offer regular friendship calls.  Calls are free to 0800 4 70 80 90.  For more information visit their website: www.thesilverline.org.uk
Where can I go to find skilled support for my parent who has Alzheimers?
Alzheimer’s Support is an independent charity providing a range of practical services to enhance life and promote independence for those living with dementia at home across Wiltshire, and for their family carers. For more information contact Alzheimer’s Support Wiltshire: Telephone: 01225 776481 Email:  office@alzheimerswiltshire.org.uk Website: www.alzheimerswiltshire.org.u
Where can I get advice about alterations to my home to make it more accessible?
Information about home adaptations, repairs grants, and loans can be obtained through Wiltshire Council: https://www.wiltshire.gov.uk/housing-home-adaptations-repair-grants-loans
Where can I get advice on security for my home?
Contact the Wiltshire Bobby Van Trust   Telephone: 01380 861155   Email: bobbyvan@wiltshire.police.uk   Website: www.wiltshirebobbyvan.org.uk
How can I take precautions at home to prevent fire breaking out?
Dorset & Wiltshire Fire & Rescue Service offer a free Safe & Well visit.  They can fit free smoke alarms and offer advice around potential risks and help you develop an escape plan.  To request a free Safe & Well visit in Wiltshire telephone 0800 038 2323 or visit their website: www.dwfire.org.uk/safety/safe-and-well-visits to complete an online application form.
Where can I get information about help available in the local community?
  • You can contact Wiltshire Council, who can signpost you to a list of community groups they have information on or visit their website and search your area for a list.
  • Wiltshire Link Schemes are voluntary car schemes that support vulnerable residents with transport support and through ‘good neighbour’ tasks such as small jobs in the home & garden. Most communities in Wiltshire have a local Link Scheme. Contact Cummunity First on 01380 722241   Email: enquiries@communityfirst.org.uk Website: www.communityfirst.org.uk
  • Other local community initiatives often put posters in libraries, doctors’ surgeries and information centres.
I can’t drive now so where can I find help to get around?
Friends and contacts are often happy to give lifts if parking is made easy. The Blue Badge parking scheme is specific to you as a person rather than your car so can be used for any journey you take. You can find more information about the Blue Badge Parking Scheme www.gov.uk/apply-blue-badge The Wiltshire Bus Pass is part of the English National Concessionary Travel Scheme that provides eligible older and qualifying disabled Wiltshire residents with free off-peak travel on local bus services anywhere in England, between the hours of 9.30am and 11pm Monday to Friday and all day at weekends and bank holidays. you can find more information on the Wiltshire Bus Pass here. Traveline has bus timetables and a journey planner for rail, bus, or coach travel. Website: www.traveline.info  Telephone:  0871 200 22 33 (charged @ 12p per minute). Community First offer help to find your local transport group please contact them on 01380 722475 or email: transport@communityfirst.org.uk
Where can I find an advocate to support me in meetings about my social care needs? 
SWAN—South West Advocacy Network (Memory loss or dementia) Tel: 01722 341851  Email: mail@swanadvocacy.org.uk Website: www.swanadvocacy.org.uk The Advocacy People provide an advocacy service in Wiltshire for people who do not have anyone who can support them.  Email: info@theadvocacypeople.org.uk  Tel: 0330 440 9000 Website: www.theadvocacypeople.org.uk/  
How can I get my shopping done?
  • Some Link Schemes are able to provide volunteers to help with this.
  • You could try shopping online with home delivery.
  • Wiltshire Farm Foods produce and deliver frozen meals which can be ordered online: www.wiltshirefarmfoods.com/home-delivery
  • Sometimes local pubs deliver hot meals.
  • Ask for help in your local church magazine or Parish Council notice board.
What support is there for me as a family carer of a self funder? 
  • Carer Support Wiltshire is a local charity supporting carers in Wiltshire. Telephone: 0800 181 4118 or 01380 871690  Email: info@carersinwiltshire.co.uk  Website: www.carersinwiltshire.co.uk
  • A carer is anyone who cares, unpaid, for a family member or friend who cannot manage without their support.  They might look after someone with a physical disability, long term health condition, mental health issue or a problem with substance misuse.  Carer Support Wiltshire help carers to access support, services, education and training, and break from their caring role.  They ensure carers in Wiltshire have a voice in policy making and planning for services, and they work with health and social care professionals and employers to develop best practice.  Their aim is to create carer friendly communities where carers are recognised, valued and supported.
  • You can ask for a Carers Assessment which may entitle you to a Direct Payment “sitting service” which provides a cash payment from Wiltshire Council to enable you to pay someone of your choice to be with the person you care for to give you a break (this is non means tested). It may also be possible to receive a bi-annual carer’s respite payment as a Direct Payment for 4 week’s respite once every two years.
I need help to plan financially for my care in the future, where can I get advice?
  • You should seek advice from an independent financial advisor. It is well worth finding out how to plan to use your resources as effectively as possible to make them go further.  More information can be found here.
  • Citizen Advice Wiltshire freephone 0800 144 8848 Website: www.citizensadvicewiltshire.org.uk
What benefits am I entitled to as a self funder?
You may be eligible for any of the non-means tested benefits, such as Attendance Allowance.  Visit the  https://www.gov.uk/browse/benefits website. You may also find the following organisations helpful: Disability Rights UK - the National organisation campaigning for disabled people: www.disabilityrightsuk.org/how-we-can-help/advice-and-information    Telephone: 020 7250 8181. Age UK Wiltshire information and advice service www.ageuk.org.uk/wiltshire/what-we-do/information_and_advice/ Telephone: Devizes 01380 727767, or Salisbury 01722 335425 Citizens Advice Wiltshire freephone 0800 144 8848  www.citizensadvice.org.uk/
Do I need to consider applying for Lasting Power of Attorney?
This is a complex matter and if you need to go ahead you will need solicitor’s advice.  An Information Pack is available from the Office of the Public Guardian, PO Box 16185, Birmingham, B2 2WH.  Telephone: 0300 456 0300  Email: customerservices@publicguardian.gsi.gov.uk    Website link    An online service and downloadable forms are available.
How can the library service help?
The Home Library Service is for Wiltshire residents who want to continue reading or listening to books and audio items but having problems getting to their local library. They serve people of any age who are:
  • Blind or partially sighted.
  • Disabled in some way.
  • Suffering from a long-term illness
  • Recovering from an operation and in need of short-term help
  • Elderly and frail
  • Unable to carry library books.
  • Carers who cannot easily leave home.
  • People experiencing mental health issues.
A member of library staff will talk to you about what you like to read. They will then visit you at home with a library volunteer and bring you some books. Every few weeks, the library volunteer will call at a time to suit you and exchange your books. You can borrow every kind of book, many in large print – it could be crime, romance, family stories, historical, war stories or biographies for example. Also available are talking books on cassette, CD and Playaways (MP3 format) and music CDs. There are no fines or charges for this service, and you can request items as well.  Applications for the home library service can be made by friends or relatives or by the person themselves. More information can be found here: www.wiltshire.gov.uk/libraries-home-library-service
Are any concessionary tickets available?
It is now becoming increasingly common for concessions to be given for the cost of carers’/employees’ entrance fees etc. when you need assistance with you at all times. This avoids having to pay two lots of entry fees!
  • Entrance to all National Trust properties is free to carers accompanying disabled people.
  • Salisbury Theatre provides free seats for accompanying carers.
  • The Oxford Playhouse and the Bath Theatre Royal provide reduced price tickets for carers.
A free ticket for carers accompanying cinema goers is available after the purchase of a Cinema Exhibitors’ Association card. Further details from www.ceacard.co.uk If it’s not clear, it is best to ask when booking or at the event for the concession.
Useful Websites for Self Funders
Age UK:  https://www.ageuk.org.uk/wiltshire/  Alzheimer’s Support: https://www.alzheimerswiltshire.org.uk/  Wiltshire Council: https://adults.wiltshire.gov.uk/  Carer Support Wiltshire: https://carersupportwiltshire.co.uk/  Citizens Advice: https://www.citizensadvicewiltshire.org.uk/  Other useful websites Paying for care is an on-line service that provides advice and guidance on the cost of care and support.  https://www.payingforcare.org/ NHS Choices has a guide to Care and Support: https://www.nhs.uk/conditions/social-care-and-support-guide/introduction-to-care-and-support Skills for Care provides a comprehensive toolkit to help people employ their own personal assistants and funding for PA training. https://www.skillsforcare.org.uk/Employing-your-own-care-and-support/Information-hub.aspx Being the Boss - a User Led Organisation providing peer support for disabled people employing their own care and support worker.  https://www.beingtheboss.co.uk