When I first started working with Colin, he was not getting out much at all and was struggling to find ways to prioritise his own mental and physical health. His health condition meant that he had to learn to walk again which he has successfully done through great determination and patience.

I was put in touch with Colin through one of the Community Connectors as he wanted to start to build up his basic fitness and find productive ways to get out of the house which will help is overall physical and mental well-being.

When we first started working together Colin explained that his muscles felt very weak, especially in his arms and was struggling to do basic daily tasks such as carrying shopping bags.

We spent some time exploring different ideas and possible ways for Colin to become more active. He was interested in swimming but because of the closures due to the pandemic this option just was not viable. After several discussions Colin decided it was cycling, he would like to try. Colin bought himself a bike and has been riding regularly ever since. He has built up the time he spends on his bike gradually and this week for the first time ever he cycled alone, to shops rather than using his mobility scooter which he usually does for this type of daily task. He had never managed to ride that far before and not only that he then walked around, did his shop and cycled home with it again. This is something which Colin has not done since he became unwell and is such a great achievement and demonstrates the hard work, he has put in.

Colin is now going for regular walks again and in his words ‘is doing so much more than he was this time a year ago’. He says that he is especially really enjoying the feeling of being able to walk whilst doing things like his shopping rather than using his mobility scooter which he relied on so greatly not so long ago.

Colin now has his sights set on his next goal which is to go fishing again which he has not done for many years. He would like to achieve this goal by the end of this year whilst maintaining his regular walking and cycling.

Colin does still struggle with his mental health and finds he still has good and bad days but the thing I find most admirable about Colin is that regardless, when he feels able to, he continues to take steps to achieve his goals and maintain his independence. I am excited to continue to see Colin thrive in his next challenge and beyond!