Troy is a young man who has experienced a lot in his life: he had lost his mum, had financial difficulties and health problems.  Troy felt a lot of anger about his life and he also felt he was a victim of the circumstances which had befallen him.

Troy has a great sense of humour and that he has a genuinely caring and selfless nature, which he demonstrated so clearly in the role of young carer.

Troy wanted to move forward, in his own words, he wanted to “break the cycle” which he had witnessed throughout his life.

Troy met with our Connector on a regular basis and gradually began to share more about the areas that he felt he needed some additional support and guidance and, more importantly, what he wanted from his life. What his “good life” looked like to him.

When Troy’s mum sadly passed away, he was thrown suddenly into the role of the adult. The role of the tenant and the bill payer.  It soon became apparent to Troy that his new financial situation was an issue which was continuing to escalate. His mum had left debt which he was now responsible for and, having no other income, he was forced to take out a loan in order to pay for his mum’s funeral.

Troy is an extremely proactive and resourceful person, He knew that this situation could not continue, and so he sourced some financial advice and support. Troy was then able to apply for a debt relief order. By taking control of the situation and having the courage to act, Troy found that he had taken the 1st steps to “break that cycle”.

Troy has excellent skills with budgeting and money management, and he was trying to plan his money in order to be able to redecorate one room in his home.  He has lived in his home for most of his life. This is his childhood home where he lived with his late grandparents and mum. Understandably the home holds many memories for him, however, Troy now felt ready to “move forward” and he felt by making the home his own, he would be able to begin to work through and process, the grief which he had been burying.

With his Connector, Troy made a list of all the things he would need to redecorate his lounge.  He sourced items and drew up a budget.

Troy was anxious about leaving his home, being in crowded places and using public transport, but he was able to use the goal of redecorating as an incentive to work through some of this anxiety.

The Connector and Troy used the local bus to go into the town, no small task for Troy, but he showed such courage and determination throughout.  The Connector could be alongside him and suggest techniques for managing his anxiety, which enabled him to complete a task which he had avoided for a few years!

Troy’s Connector was able to source a grant to cover the cost of decorating work and Troy was supported to apply for it.  He was delighted to be successful in his application:  “This will help so much” “I can move forward, I feel happy” “Thank you, it is good having you on my side!”

Together with his Connector, Troy once again used the local bus to go into town to buy what was needed to redecorate his room, once again he successfully faced his anxieties.

The future is continuing to look bright for Troy!

Before his mum became ill and he became her carer and lost his nan, Troy was training to become a mechanic. He loved working on cars and had done really well at college, completing the first two years of his course and securing a placement at a local garage.

Unfortunately, his change in circumstances meant that he could not continue his course.

Going forward, Troy would like to finish the course which he started and obtain his mechanic qualification.

Together with his Connector, Troy has started looking into this and has made contact with the college. Troy is aware and accepts, that this may not be a straightforward journey, but he is now willing to consider different approaches – approaches which he would not normally consider or be able to see, to get to his end goal.

Troy has been able to look towards his future and to re discover his self-worth, identity, and purpose.  Troy is beginning to see that he is not defined by his circumstances- neither past nor present.  In Troy’s own words “I can finally see the light at the end of the tunnel”.