Meet the Team

Mary Reed – CEO

My role:  I am CEO of Wiltshire CIL and my strategic role is to develop and embed ways of working that support disabled people to live full and independent lives in their communities. I am keen that Wiltshire CIL is always evolving; building our ways of working through listening to disabled people in Wiltshire and understanding what they want to live their lives, as well as learning what good looks like from our local and national partners.  My vision: to support the creation of a society that is fair and equitable and ensures everybody has equal rights and equal access to resources that will enable them to live well. My interests: I am Wiltshire born and bred and love this county and can often be found walking the hills.  I also like laughing – a lot, being busy at home and work. Radio 4, good music and books, and being sociable (this may or may not include a few glasses of wine!).  I have two boys and two dogs who keep me busy!

Kate Tutssel – Personalisation Lead

My role: As Personalisation Lead I am responsible for developing personalisation within Wiltshire CIL and maximising Wiltshire CIL’s impact and opportunity. Bringing together the work at Wiltshire CIL that promotes full independent living and equality of opportunity through overseeing the work of the Direct Payment Team and the User Engagement Team. I am looking forward to further developing and embedding personalisation and co-production at Wiltshire CIL.

My interests: In my spare time I enjoy swimming and aquafit, the never-ending renovation of my house and garden, watching football and MotoGP and walks in the countryside with my husband and dog. I also play for the skittles team at my local pub.

Lisa Hepworth – Head of Community Services

My Role: I have joined Wiltshire CIL to manage and develop a team of community connectors, who support people to live well in their community.  My vision: To continue to provide the best services possible and to always be open-minded, improving ways of working with people, challenging misconceptions that put unnecessary barriers in the way of people achieving their goals.  My interests are diverse and fulfilling and include: journaling for health, many and varied alternative therapies, travel, world foods and the company of elephants. 

Polly Hannan – Finance & Office Manager

My role: Ensuring the office systems run smoothly, desktop publishing, keeping the finances in order, updating our policies and procedures and occasionally turning my hand to fixing the odd computer problem!  My vision: To continue to provide a service to the very best of my ability to both my employer and the service user. My interests:  Reading, on-line scrabble, dog walking, gardening, art, house renovation, desktop publishing; Yoga. 

Louise Maddox – Direct Payment Manager

My role: I love working in a team and supporting our service user’s by providing practical advice to help work towards greater independence. My vision: To continue to provide the best service possible and to always be open to improved ways of working to ensure we challenge misconceptions that put unnecessary barriers in the way of people achieving their potential. My interests: Rugby and supporting Bath Rugby Team, escaping to the countryside in our camper van, enjoying the cakes my daughter loves to bake, catching up with friends over some good food.

Pauline Bishop – Direct Payment Adviser

My role: Supporting and advising people about Direct Payments. My vision: To continue to enable people to be as independent as possible and achieve the things that are important to them and which most able bodied people just take for granted. My interests: Time with my family, little granddaughter, friends and others close to me, keeping busy, being sociable, having fun – laughter is the best medicine!  To be able to do things I am passionate about in my home and work life.

Julie Dyer – Direct Payment Adviser & DBS Administrator

My role: Primarily to complete DBS checks on behalf of people who receive Direct Payments. I also undertake various administrative roles.  It means that I am able to travel to different venues and meet some lovely people. My vision: To ensure that I make the DBS Check process run as smoothly as possible for the people that are becoming employers and that all Personal Assistants enjoy a friendly, efficient and helpful service. My interests: Football, music (Community Choir), keep fit, socialising – especially if it involves red wine, family and home, eating chocolate.

Grace Edwards – Banking Service Administrator & Direct Payment Adviser

My Role: I have two roles at WCIL. I am the Banking Service Administrator and a member of the Direct Payments Team. As the Banking Service Administrator, my main responsibilities are to track and reconcile incoming Direct Payment funds from both Wiltshire Council and individual client contributions. As a member of the Direct Payments Team, my main role is to help, support and advise those who are in receipt of a Direct Payment.  My Vision: As part of the team at WCIL, I hope to be able to provide our service users with the best service I can. Everyone is entitled to live the life they want and if I can help them to do this, even in a small way, then I will have done my job. My Interests: Most of my spare time is spent with my family, making memories. The time with my son and my two grandchildren is so special to me. When I do have a bit of free time to myself, I enjoy reading, walking/running, decorating and DIY. Give me a paint brush and a pot of paint and that’s me happy!

Sally Hannam – Independent Living Adviser

My Role: Working as part of team, I help to support and advise our direct payment recipients. My vision: To give people the confidence, tools and knowledge to take control and ultimately enable them to achieve their own ‘good life’. My interests: Amongst other things, I love spending time with my family and friends, reading, walking and baking.  You may even find me going for the occasional run, but not when it’s raining!

Louise Mead – Independent Living Information Officer

Zoe Millington – User Engagement Outreach Development Worker 

My role:  My role involves working with groups and individuals to enable them to influence and shape services.  I also signpost people towards relevant information that can help meet their needs.


Mary Meilton – User Engagement Outreach Development Worker 

My role: To work alongside individuals and groups to learn about the issues they face with the services in their community. Then we will work together to come up with positive solutions and ideas, to help shape and improve our services. My vision: For everyone to be able to live the life they want to live, regardless of circumstance or situation. My interests: I enjoy going for walks with my little Cocker Spaniel and doing the odd bit of photography. I am also a big supporter of the GB Wheelchair Rugby Team!

Abbie-Jo Lawrence – PA Development Worker & Trainer

My role: I develop and deliver a wide range of training to individual employers and their PAs, as well as communities around Wiltshire.  I also promote and recruit people to the PA workforce, teach people about what a PA is, and how it can lead to a successful career.  My vision: For every disabled person to receive the right support given by the right person. My interests:  Water skiing, socialising and spending quality time with my family.  

Matt Stabb – User Engagement Outreach Worker

My role: I promote the work of Wilts CIL to all users of our services and spend time talking to people from different groups about what we do and how we do it.  I also  facilitate our  ‘Introduction to DP’ sessions which we encourage all people new to DPs to come along to. My interests:  My sub-culture, watching Ipswich Town Football Club, listening to music, scuba diving, playing for Swindon Rockets power chair football team, going to gigs. 

Poppy Witts-Woodward – HIU Connections Worker

My role: As a Community Connector I work with people who frequently attend A&E. I help people to look at their life and find out from them what their good life looks like. I help them to see what they already have to live their good life and what I can do to support them. I work alongside the person and all help is led by them; I am there every step of the way! I love meeting new people and learning about them and their lives.
My interests: My family are very important to me and I spend a lot of time with them. If I’m not with my family you can find me in the countryside somewhere walking with my husband and our dogs.  

Donna Cook – HIU Connections Worker (Team Leader)

My role: I  joined  the Wiltshire CIL team in 2020 to support individuals who frequently use A&E.  I am looking forward to working alongside people and supporting them in creating their happy life. My interests: When I am not at work,  I enjoy walking, family time and yoga.

Natasha Parkin – HIU Connections Worker

My role: Supporting individuals who frequently attend A&E, I will be working alongside people, helping them to explore what their good life looks like and supporting individuals to recognise their strengths and to achieve their goals. I am looking forward to meeting new people and learning about their lives. My Interests: I love spending time with my family and doing fun things together and then chilling out in the evening with a good movie or Netflix series.   

Katie Burholt – HIU Connections Worker (Team Leader)

My role: A great day for me as a Community Connector is when I journey with someone who has begun to rediscover their gifts and strengths and starting to work out how to put them to good use in achieving a fulfilling, purposeful and joyful life for themselves. My interests: I enjoy a good murder mystery book or film, walking netball and ballroom dancing (at least when my husband doesn’t step on my toes!)

Ella Dorsett – HIU Connections Worker 

I am so excited to be coming onboard at Wiltshire CIL as a HIU Community Connector. My role is to help people who frequent A&E often and are seeking support but are in the wrong surroundings to do so. This is where I step in and help them live their ‘Good’ life, however that may look to them. To be able to walk alongside them with empathy and understanding, encouraging them to recognise their strengths, to set some realistic goals and watch them achieve them. To be their cheerleader at every twist and turn they take to embrace the life they deserve to live. My Interests: My own goals in life are to start reading more often as I have lost the habit of reading since social media has taken over in our lives and I so want to recapture the heady escape from life you find in a good book. I also want to do yoga more regularly, not just look at my mat and blocks with good intentions! Also I want to start the online belly dancing course that has been sitting in my inbox for way too long!

Nicola Harris – Devizes PCN Community Connector 

My role: I will be working alongside people to build their confidence to do the things that really matter to them and will make their life good.  I will help them to create a vision of what their good life looks like, help them to recognise what they do have in order to live that life, and encourage them to explore what they need to make the good life happen.  I really love my role as a Community Connector, working in this way to help people move forward with what really matters to them, can make such a difference and is just great to see. My interests:  I really enjoy family time, days out, walking, being in the countryside and open water swimming; and that includes taking on some NON competitive events just for my own personal challenge!

Hannah Webster – Sarum West PCN Community Connector

My role: I cannot wait to walk alongside people of Wiltshire, to find out what their ‘good life’ looks like and how to get there together. I use a person-centred, strength-based approach and encourage the person to be in the driver seat of their own life, with me cheering them on in the back!

My interests: I am a HUGE dog lover, I have two that I like to take for walks everyday. I enjoy cooking, baking, watching TV and Netflix!

Jan Forsyth – North Wilts PCN Community Connector

My role: I am delighted to have joined Wiltshire CIL in August 2020 as a Community Connector. I will be working alongside people within their community, helping them to move forward with what matters to them. I look forward to connecting with people and enabling them to live their own ‘Good life’.

My interests: I love to spend time with my family and friends, enjoying good food and the odd glass of wine. I am a keen walker and runner and enjoy nothing more than being out in the fresh air of our lovely county. I have an eclectic taste in music and listen to everything from Mozart to Metallica. I regularly play flute, clarinet and saxophone and enjoy a good sing!

Liz Denbury – Calne & Yatton Keynell PCN Community Connector

My role: I thoroughly enjoy my role as Calne and Yatton Keynell Community Connector. I love being in the community and ‘walking alongside’ people. We work together on a strengths-based approach looking at what skills they have to move forward. I like to find out how people can enable themselves to live their best lives. I am there to encourage and support them in all that they do.

My interests: I love Pole Fitness, 1940’s-1950’s fashion, walking in our stunning Wiltshire countryside, cooking (especially Indian food) and spending time with family and friends.

Sara Bailes – Sarum West PCN Community Connector 

My role: I am excited to be joining the Wiltshire CIL team. Walking alongside people in our local community, helping them create a version of what they see as their “good life”. I love working with people, being able to rediscover their confidence and strengths, to then recognise and celebrate the skills and ability to gain the good life.  My interests: I enjoy working out with my local Boot Camp, spending time with my family, long dog walks, and my new-found lockdown hobby of running.

Veronica Shaw – Calne PCN Community Connector

My role:  I am looking forward to becoming involved in community life in Calne, to be able to walk alongside people as they discover their good life, it is such a privilege to be part of their journey as they create their good life, to celebrate achievements, to see them thrive and grow in confidence.  My interests:  I enjoy long walks with my dog, sewing, reading but what I love most is spending time with family and friends.

Sharon Selkridge-Parham – Domestic Wellbeing Community Connector 

My Role: I am excited and keen to find out, support and work alongside people in my new role as a Community Connector. Exploring with people in our community about what their ‘Good Life’ looks like and sharing their experiences as they work towards achieving their goals. I hope to be able to be a good listener and enable people to seek what suits them best. My Hobbies/Interests: I have loved being involved in the Panto world, in a local group for 6 years, (“Oh yes I have!!”). Two of my children have been involved too. I enjoy watching a good quiz show with my husband and also, (although a lot of people say this), I like reading and often have 3 books on the go! We have cats and enjoy them and mostly, holidays in somewhere hot , with the family!

Tanesha Milner – Domestic Wellbeing Community Connector 

My role: I’m so excited to be in my new role as a “Community Connector”. I’ll be walking alongside people to help them to live their Good Life, whatever that looks like for them. I’m passionate about people and look forward to meeting all sorts of folk and walking with them on their journeys. My interests: Meals shared with friends, National Trust walks, running and the gym and travel.