Our Services

Wiltshire CIL’s work is developed within a framework that ensures people are supported to take control of their own lives. The ways in which we deliver a range of services support this through a core philosophy of empowerment. This approach is integral to both our structure and method of delivery and the key part of embedding this is through the influence of service users in the contribution they make to all parts of the service delivery.

Ours services support people to use their direct payments cost effectively to meet their assessed outcomes and to realise their individual aspirations. We do this through the work of the direct payment team and the support planning team. The services we offer gives people control over their own affairs, provides an opportunity for people to lead fulfilled lives and be less dependent on local authority services. People are supported to become active participants in their community if they so wish. All of the service is co-produced with service users who are themselves expert through their individual experience.