Self Funders


A self-funder is someone who arranges and funds their own social care and support. This can include care and/or support to live independently at home or in a residential care home. In addition to formal personal care, it can include help with domestic tasks such as shopping, cleaning, and gardening.

Local authorities have important statutory duties, but more than 90% of actual support is provided by a diverse range of independent organisations, ranging from big corporate firms to small businesses, the charity and voluntary sector.

More people are falling outside the social care system either because their financial means and savings are above the threshold set by government, or their care needs do not meet the national eligibility criteria.

With all of this in mind, self-funders need to understand the market which offers support to make the best possible decisions, to have a range of choices and options that best suit the persons need and that can go some way to mitigate the risk of inappropriate decisions at a point of crisis. Therefore, having a basic knowledge of what is available in the local community may go some way to support in the future.

Self-funders are entitled to the same support from the council in terms of information, advice, and assessment as other service users. The key difference is that self-funders pay for all care services they choose, to meet their needs. If people have savings of £23,250 or more, they will be considered a self-funder by the local authority.

What support can I get from Wiltshire Council?

Under the Care 2014, local authorities must carry out an assessment of anyone who appears to require care and support, regardless of their financial position. The council has a statutory duty to ensure everyone regardless of status receives information and advice about services that will prevent, reduce, or delay an eligible need arising. Self-funders can find information on the

Information Sheet for Self Funders (pdf)

Please email: if you would like to receive a hard copy of the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) and Information Sheet.

We have published a PRIVACY NOTICE for Self Funders explaining what you can expect us to do with your personal information when you use our services.